Bird Houses

Type: For Sale, Garden / landscape design Completed:

Too Marvellous For Words and Every Time We Say Goodbye

Small stone temples with latin inscriptions

More Latin Lyrics found there way onto these little tempiettos made for an exhibition at Lytes Carey in Somerset.

AMORIS ERGO CANTUM AB ALITE AUFERO – So I take from the bird a song of love

From the lyric to Too Marvellous For Words by Johnny Mercer

PROPE TE SOLENT CANTUS REPENTE AVES CIERE – Near you flowers bloom miraculously & birds suddenly burst into song

From the lyric to Every Time We Say Goodbye by Cole Porter

PRO AVIBUS – For the birds

All the Latin Lyric texts and their translations are the copyright of G Breeze and C P Sydenham 2004

£1200 – £1500 each Contact me to purchase


PRO AVIBUS – For the birds

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