Voodoo Bench

Type: Architectural, Garden / landscape design, Sculptural Completed:

Oak and Portland limestone

In collaboration with classicist Colin Sydenham, Gary has been making inscriptions of song lyrics in Latin since 2002. The Latin ‘translations’ follow the rhythm and rhyme sequence of the original song lines, a challenge for the translator which shines a fresh light on what may at first appear to be trite lyrics from old popular songs, but which are revealed to us in a fresh way.

The inscription reads: Maga, me arte regas tanta, res quanta decanta meas which translates as: Witch, may you rule me with your great art, and with the same great art (please) enchant my affairs.

The original lyric is from Cole Porter’s You Do Something To Me: Let me live neath your spell Do do that voodoo that you do so well

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